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Fu Kee Chinese Restaurant 傅記燒鵝飯店

Min Order: $ 100.00

Established in 60’s, Fu Kee Chinese Restaurants offers classic Cantonese dishes including the famous house special roasted goose and baked salt chicken made from authentic recipes passed downfrom generation to generation. Their roast goose is famous with crispy skin, tender,juicy flesh and INSANELY delicious.

Hung Kee Dim Sum 鴻記點心餐廳

Min Order: $ 85.00

Hung Kee Dim Sum Cantonese Restaurant was founded in Sham Tseng over 20 years. Their fine traditional Chinese Dim Sum is in it’s purest handmade form with secret recipe to the best consistent quality. Especially, if you want to experience the taste of old Hong Kong tea house style. Dim Sum at Hung Kee is a timeless classic featuring expertly crafted favourites from Barbecued Pork Bun, steamed Pork Dumpling, to their famous steamed Shrimp Dumpling with a refined twist. With their extremely affordably-priced Dim Sum, you can be sure to get your fill with satisfaction.

86 Shanghai Restaurant 捌拾陸86上海冰室

Min Order: $ 85.00

All about Shanghai food, their menu is all about home-town recipes and regional specialties aiming to show diners a more authentic facet of their much-loved Shanghai’s cuisine. It is a different kind of Shanghai's way of eating experience for spicy lovers in Hong Kong. Surely, “86 Shanghai” will take you beyond the level into the world of real Shanghai cookery.

Ciao Ristorante Italiano

Min Order: $ 100.00

Ciao is an Western restaurant rooted in Italian’s culture. The first Italian restaurant in Sham Tseng!. When you dig a little deeper into what they're about, you'll discover the essence of authentic Italian food made with love. It's all about fresh and homemade. Discover this restaurant and experience genuine Western’s cuisine. Pasta served in a variety of shapes and sizes with delicious sauces. Must try out their steak, spaghetti, fried salmon fish and even Lamb Chop that you can’t missed!

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