What is Social Meals?

Social Meals is the best way for you to order food from thousands of the best delivery and takeout restaurants in Hong Kong. In short, we make ordering food for delivery and takeout in an easier way for you to do that from a huge variety of restaurants.

Generally, we’ll deliver your order with you in an average of 45 minutes.

How do I browse restaurants?

The most accurate way to locate restaurants that deliver to your specific location is by entering your address on the homepage. This will display the list of restaurants that only deliver to that address. Just click the "Search" button after entering your address and you will be directed to the list of restaurants.

How do I place an order?

  1. Enter Your Address: Enter your street address or exact delivery location and click on the "Search" button.
  2. Search for Your Food or Restaurant: Click on any open restaurant name to view their menu, or Click on “Browse the Restaurant” button in menu to start the search.
  3. Order from the Menu: To add an item to your order, click on that item. You can customize that item by choosing quantity, additional options and special instructions. When you are done customizing the item click “Add to Cart” button. You can either select more items and add them to your order, or click the "Checkout" at the bottom of the screen to proceed to the Checkout page.
  4. Checkout with Credit Card.
  5. Newbies: If this is your first time ordering, the Checkout page is where you will set up your Social Meals account. You will be asked to enter your delivery information, select a password and provide billing information. Then simply click the "Place Your Order" button to instantaneously send your order to the restaurant.
  6. Returning Members: Simply confirm your delivery and billing information and click on the "Place Your Order" button.

Also, you can place your order up to 24 hours in advance with a scheduled delivery.

What happens after I submit an order?

Your order will send automatically to the restaurant as soon as you hit the button. The restaurant tells us they’re working on the order, we email you a receipt and text you a confirmation.

What do I do If I did not receive any email order’s confirmation?

  1. Confirm that you are receiving outside email.
  2. Check any spam folders on your email.
  3. Contact us to confirm your email address is correct in our system by emailing cs@socialmeals.hk.

How do I change or cancel my order after I have placed it?

You can only allow to cancel your order within the first five minutes or just before the restaurant started to cook your food. Any order cancelled or changed after it becomes a “Cooked Order” will be charged to you without any refund.

To change or cancel an order, please call the restaurant directly. The restaurant's phone number can be found in restaurant menu by logging back onto the Social Meals website. Once you have canceled or changed the order with the restaurant, please notify Social Meals of the change or cancellation by responding to your order email confirmation.

What if I have email confirmation but the restaurant have no record of my order?

If you’re hearing that they’ve not received your order, reach us immediately on our Contact Us Page and we’ll get things sorted out.

What If my order Is late?

Sometimes, things may not be expected and outside the control of the riders may result causing a delay. Where we can, we will always try and proactively call you if we become aware that your order might not arrive within the estimated time of delivery, and our team will work to get your order to you as quickly as possible.

Something is wrong with my order. What do I do?

If you received delivery and there appears to be a problem with your order, please call the restaurant directly for an immediate resolution. The restaurant's phone number is provided within the restaurant’s menu page on the website. Of course, Social Meals Customer Care Representatives are always standing by to help. You may contact them by emailing cs@socialmeals.hk.

Is there a minimum charge to order?

For many restaurants, there is a minimum to order for delivery. That way, the restaurants can make sure that the delivery they are bringing to you is worth their effort. These delivery minimums are set by the restaurant, and may be calculated based on where the restaurant is located and other considerations.

What If I’m not around When my food arrives?

If you think you won’t be at the delivery address in time to receive your order, please let us know by sending email to cs@socialmeals.hk asap.

Your rider will always try to call you if there’s an issue once they reach your delivery address. If they’re unable to contact you, our Customer Service team will try and reach you via phone and email. Please check your emails during the delivery time for any updates.

If we can’t contact you and are unable to deliver the order, your rider will wait for up to 5 minutes before leaving. In this event, you’ll still be charged for your order. To prevent this from happening, it’s always a good idea to double-check your contact and address details.

How much do I tip for delivery?

Whether you tip or not is completely up to you. Although, it is not customary to tip, but is certainly always appreciated. You can tip in cash when the rider delivers your food as the riders receive 100% of all tips.

How do I redeem a promotion code/ coupon ?

If you have a promo code, you’ll be able to enter it during checkout and we’ll adjust your order total to factor in the discount. It’s important to note here that you can only use one discount per order.

Why doesn't Social Meals accept cash?

We only accept major card payments because it lets us provide you with the best possible simple experience. It creates a safer working environment for riders too. Feel free to tip your rider in cash.

How does Social Meals help keep my account secure?

We are committed to safeguarding your personal information and care about the security of your Social Meals account. We occasionally email diners to encourage them to reset their account passwords as a precautionary measure for security risks not associated with Social Meals. There are a number of different reasons why one of these proactive emails would be triggered, including username and password breaches at other companies, phishing schemes, logging into insecure sites from public Wi-Fi, and malware attacks.

How to keep my Social Meals account secure?

Use a password that is unique to Social Meals and change it regularly: We encourage you to select strong passwords, using the following tips:

  • Create passwords that are at least 8 characters long.
  • Use a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.
  • Do not use a word in the dictionary, a name, or other personal information like a birthday, address, or anniversary.
  • Do not share your password with others.
  • Be sure to log out completely from Social Meals to terminate account access.
  • Consider employing a password manager through your browser or a third-party provider.
  • Change your Social Meals password frequently by clicking on the “Forgot password?” link on the sign in page and following the prompts.

Be aware of possible phishing attempts: Phishing is an attempt to acquire your personal information by pretending to represent a website or company you trust online. Phishers will go to great lengths to try to hijack your account or steal your personal information. They may even create fake websites that look real or send official-looking (but fake) emails asking for personal information. Social Meals will never ask for credit card details in an email or over the phone. If you're unsure about a link in an email, you can always hover over the link to see where it goes (you'll see the real linked web address at the bottom of most browsers).

Keep your computer and devices safe: While Social Meals does not endorse specific vendors, we recommend utilizing a software resource that can be used to prevent and clean up suspected malware or viruses.

When will Social Meals deliver in my area?

We are rapidly expanding and will hopefully be working with restaurants near you soon!

Does Social Meals Offer Company Accounts?

We have a dedicated team who will be more than happy to assist you with setting up an account so you can get team building lunch, afternoon tea set and even dinner catering. Get in touch with us at cs@socialmeals.hk.

How to download Social Meals App?

There is! It’s available free on the App Store and Google Play.